Pittsburgh Pirates Make Another Trade: Travis Snider for Brad Lincoln

Brad Lincoln’s name had been thrown out there as a potential trading partner for Shane Victorino, but Neal Huntington found a more attractive option for the Pirates in acquiring the recently recalled Travis Snider from the Blue Jays. The 24 year old tore up the PCL this season with a .335 BA and over 30 XBH and 57 RBI. So far at the MLB level, Snider is batting .250 with 3 HR and 8RBI in just 10 games.

At face value, this is a deal where both teams see different potentials with their team. The Blue Jays were a team I though Kevin Correia could be dealt to if the right cards came up due to their lack of pitching. The Jays are snatching up Lincoln in hopes that he can continue to be a force in the bullpen, but also make spot starts for their shattered rotation. From what we Pirates’ fans have seen, Lincoln is not comfortable taking the ball as a starter…yet. Toronto may hope that they can change that.

Meanwhile, Snider is a former #1 pick who has tore up minor league baseball as of late. A left handed bat, the Pirates are hoping he can develop into a consistent bat with some pop. As of now, Snider still needs work against left handed pitchers and smart pitchers will jam him inside, but the ceiling is high for this guy. From what little information we know about Snider right now, he could potentially hit 3 or 5. I like the move because it keeps Marte at the top of the lineup, Walker can now hit second with the middle of the lineup looking like murder’s row for a right handed pitcher.

There’s not a whole lot not to like from the Pirates’ perspective. No, the Pirates didn’t get a proven bat with years of postseason experience, but they did not overpay for a player who is producing about the same as any available veteran outfielders. Further more, the Bucs are obviously banking that Snider has room to grow and will be a late bloomer, much like Garrett Jones, who by the way can move back to first. It was a deal where both teams desperately needed what the other had and both are banking just as much on potential as they are on current production.


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