Pittsburgh Pirates Trade Rumors: What Happens With Kevin Correia

So Kevin Correia wants out? The former starter was pushed to the bullpen when the Pirates obtained Wandy Rodriguez and is not happen. After letting up a bases clearing double that gave Houston their 7th, 8th, and 9th runs, it’s tough to imagine the veteran is going to succeed in the pen. The Pirates would love to keep Correia in case Erik Bedard wears out or anyone gets hurt but with Jeff Locke looking REALLY good in AAA as of late and Brad Lincoln with the big club, it’s not like the Bucs need Correia.

I may not be the biggest fan of Correia but he’s been very good as of late making him somewhat of an asset to a team in desperate of pitching. The team also needs a somewhat pitcher friendly park because Correia isn’t striking anybody out anymore. The only teams I can think of that would need pitching and are buyers are Toronto and Baltimore. Both need another starter due to injuries and both are acting like buyers even though a playoff run is not likely in their cards. For both of these GM’s, Correia would be a low investment upgrade/insurance policy but I’m not sure how Kevin does in the AL.

The Pirates aren’t going to get much for Correia if anything, so this would be more of a curtosy trade than anything else. The best bet for the the Bucs is that Huntington knew this would happen and has been scouring the league for a hidden gem to grab. I think a deal does get done with someone, though Huntington isn’t going to aggressively pursue any deal unless an MLB bat is included somehow.


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